Thursday, 7 July 2011


The Workers of 108 Ambulance from Nagercoil filed a petition against the autocratic approach of their district management to the collector of Kanyakumari District. By dismissing a 108 ambulance Worker named Babu, the management took their revenge against the Workers. On account of this incident all the Workers of 108 Ambulance from Nagercoil waged a collective struggle against the management in the pursuit of District Collector on 04/07/2011.
Because of this strike the services of 108 Ambulance was stalled in entire District of Kanyakumari on 04/07/2011. Sensing this development with fear, the District management reinstated that  worker as well as it called on the workers for further talks on their justifiable issues. This development creates a great encouragement among the workers of 108 ambulance in entire Tamilnadu.
Comrade. Mahilchi Communist Workers Platform(CWP) and Central Organization Indian Trade Unions(COITU) successfully lead this struggle in front with the true participation of all the workers of 108 ambulance, Nagercoil.  CWP and COITU greet their wishes to the workers of 108 ambulance union (Affiliated with COITU) who waged a stubborn collective struggle. CWP and COITU heartily greet their thanks to the workers of 108 ambulance of entire Tamilnadu who supported this struggle with their great support and density.   

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